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Roof Shingles

Invest In Your Home's Shield

Highline Roof and Coatings is dedicated to safeguarding your home by ensuring that your roof remains resilient in face of Montana's unforgiving weather. Our protective coatings solutions enhance the durability and energy efficiency of asphalt shingle, metal, and membrane roofs, extending their lifespan at an unbeatable price.

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Weather the Storm With Confidence Don’t risk the costs of a failing roof... get informed with a free inspection

Highline Roof and Coatings is here to protect your home so that you can weather the storm with confidence. Your roof faces the harshest weather conditions that Montana can muster and must remain in suitable conditions to shield your home from costly water damage.

Failing roofs often cost homeowners weeks of headache, and thousands of dollars. The average cost of water damage remediation is $3,668 per incident according to Home Advisor.  Don't risk the headache and expense.  Contact us today to schedule a complimentary 30-point inspection with a detailed report and list of recommendations.  We are happy to offer customized repair, coating or replacement solutions that are tailored to your project needs at pricing that respects your budget.


Having a professional evaluate the condition of your roof will provide you with an informed understanding of its remaining lifespan and of any issues in need of attention. Confidently make the right decisions with the insight of a complimentary professional evaluation.  Our 30-point inspection procedure is used to compile a detailed report that provides our clients with clear understanding of what's going on.  We stay clear of the jargon and exaggeration that characterizes many assessments, by photographing our finds and explaining them in a straightforward fashion. 

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We offer repair solutions tailer made to fit your budget and expected term of ownership to prevent small issues from progressing into large ones.  We combine keen attention to detail with a first-in-class work ethic to ensure speedy project completion that provides lasting results. 


We work with the innovators of the industry to offer the best alternatives to roof replacement.  Based on the condition of your roof, you may have the option to add 5 years to your its lifespan at a price that will surprise you.

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In the case that your roof has served its time and is nearing expiration, we provide replacement through options optimized for your situation.  We take into account a long list of variables including aesthetics, energy performance, service life and value to offer you the best choices at your disposal.

Free Repairs With All Eligible Sealing Projects

Our company is committed to prioritizing value delivery.  Sealing application provides an exception return on investment by extending roof life at a small fraction of the cost of replacement.  For a limited time, we are offering free repairs on all eligible sealing projects to ensure that the roof is in excellent condition without any additional cost to our customers.

Ask about our Free Roof Repair offer. Offer valid for Roofs under 2,000 Sqft.

Setting the standard for industry excellence

How We Do Business

At Highline Roofing and Coatings, we focus on exceptional customer service by providing a straightforward and hassle-free experience from start to finish.  In an industry characterized by high-pressure sales tactics, poor communication and questionable quality control, we set ourselves apart  through our commitment to superior business ethics and a refined process procedure.

Initial Conversation

Reach out to us and a friendly member of our team is is happy to discuss your situation and provide some insight as to your next step.  From this first call, we are able to provide you with additional information and schedule a free consultation should you decide to proceed with a on-site evaluation.  Whether you've noticed a visual problem with your roof or you're interested in preservation services to extend its lifespan, we're here to listen and provide solutions tailored to your specific situation.

On-Site Evaluation and Inspection

Once we've identified your needs, we'll set a convenient time and date for an on-site evaluation and inspection. During this process, we'll thoroughly assess your roof's condition with a 30-point inspection.  The finds of our inspection are backed by photo documentation and compiled into a clear and concise report that ensures that you have a good understanding of what we discover.  Attached to our report is a list of recommendations tailored to fit your needs. We take the time to answer any questions that you may have and  explain the steps involved in our process.  

Considering Your Options

Unlike most of the companies in this industry, we recognize that a well informed discission often requires consideration.  After the site evaluation, we leave you with a packet of information so that you have all the details in a clear and easy to understand format.  We never pressure you to move forward or push unnecessary work.  We only offer solutions that are tailored to fit your budget, desired roof service life, and conform to your most important project needs.  Should you elect move forward with your project, just give us a call and we will get you on the schedule right away.

Project Flow

On the day of the project, we arrive with a crew sized to the scope of work, and equipped with the training and tools to efficiently complete the tasklist.  We optimize the size of our teams so that the project is wrapped up in less than 48 hours in almost all cases.  All work is completed by licensed contractors and is only deemed complete after it undergoes thorough review to ensure that it complies to our quality control standards.  We meticulously clean our jobsites at the end of each work day, to be sure leave your property in better condition then when we arrived.

We look forward to earning your trust through delivering the headache free service that you deserve.  Say goodbye to hassle and hello to excellence; contact us today.

    A commitment to a superior customer experience delivered through: Clear and responsive communication. In an industry characterized by people who don’t return calls and fail to provide clear answers to your questions, we are here to raise the standard. You can count on clear, polite and responsive communication and documentation throughout the entirety of the project. Fast completion of projects. Through the use of sufficient staffing, equipment and excellent training, we are able to complete most projects within a two-day window, avoiding the inconvenience of waiting for results. Fully Licensed and Insured Transferable Warranty Exceptional quality control Flexible payment options
    Credit cards earn you points and rewards, so we understand why you may prefer them. For that reason, we accept payments via credit card, check and cash. Due to processing fees, we do offer discounts for payment via check or cash. Small projects are paid for only after the work is completed in full and to your satisfaction. Most, mid-sized projects are paid for in two parts. The down payment covers the cost of materials and projected expenses, while the final payment covers the cost of the work completed. This two split payment method reduces the cost of financing, which allows us to offer you better pricing for our services. In the case of large projects, are are happy to look into financing options on your behalf. Just ask us about the details and we will get to work on payment plan solution.
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We are committed to delivering results that exceed expectations.

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